Baby Blue





One of the unexpected fashion struggles I’ve recently been faced with, while growing this little nugget in my stomach, was planning for a formal event. Typically I shop early and plan ahead when attending a wedding, gala or something that requires a new gown. But when you are unsure of how big you’ll be at the time of the event, it creates an extra level of difficulty and stress.

For my cousin’s wedding a few weeks back, I began my search online, looking for local stores that would carry something formal and fun and that would fit a me at 25 weeks. I kept finding myself on ASOS browsing their huge selection of dresses. Having only shopped on their site once before, and not too pleased with the sizes (or duties) of the items I had purchased,  I found myself hesitant to order, but I finally came around a few days later when I felt that there weren’t other affordable options that would really work. I picked out a handful of dresses with two in mind for this event. Two would provide me choice, given the inability to try it on, or knowledge of how big my bump would be at the time of the event. When the order arrived, this off-the-shoulder blue dress was the clear winner, as the other option could fit a bump double the size and a bust half the size.



I do love this dress and it had caught my eye on their site super early during my pregnancy, when I was researching flattering silhouettes. The body-con shape leaves nothing to the imagination and shows the world your beautiful growing bump.

The struggle is definitely real shopping online, especially on sites that you don’t often shop on. But the task is even harder when your body is going through daily changes. I still hope I can find an occasion to wear the other dress as it’s stunning, or at least fit into it to properly to share with you on the blog.

Dress: ASOS Maternity, Shoes: 424 Fifth, Bracelet: Swarovski, Necklace & Earrings: Vintage

Shine on you crazy diamond








When Fashion Magazine asked me to style this season’s super hot trend of metallics, I was somewhat lost at first. I looked back to some of my favourite times I’ve worked with this trend before like last December when I wore my boldest metallic look which was a great mini dress from the Isabel Marant pour H&M collection.

I find that this trend, is much easier to introduce into your wardrobe as flavour, rather than being the featured item. Like when Topshop Canada brought out the bling with this chain collar around the holidays last year, or this insane cuff from ASOS. Metallic shoes have always been a big thing (booties) (heels), and this summer there are so many choices available, and luckily now likely on sale!

Here is what I said to the style panel.

Photography by Trevor Negin
Dress: Topshop Canada, heels: Zara, clutch: Roots, Glasses: Derek Cardigan from,



Monkey X Barbara Ann Style Blog








Fashion Magazine asked about the colour grey this week. My kitten Monkey is,without question, my favourite grey item in my life, so I’ve decided to feature her not only in the post but as a new page on the blog. When you want to see pictures of my kitten please check out her page on the top right hand corner of the site!

Photography by Trevor Negin
Vest: Kristen Blake, Turtleneck: Zara, Trouser: Gap, Cuff: ASOS, yellow and pearl bracelet: Nektar Destagni, Earrings: Erickson Beamon, Belt: H&M