Pregnancy Woes




So growing a human inside you may be considered one of the most beautiful and natural things that you can do as a women (if you so choose), but it definitely comes with a fair bit of discomfort. And I have gotten a decent mix of the common and not-so-common problems. From the obvious first trimester nausea and daily vomiting, to the unheard of pregnancy-induced carpal tunnel syndrome, that has developed this week out of nowhere. Let me tell you, it’s been a fun few months.

When your body feels like it’s out of control, it’s hard to feel like yourself. You spend so much time trying to “feel better” that you no longer are doing things that feel natural for you. I found myself living in sweats and barely leaving the house, and if I did, I rarely bothered to do my hair or makeup. Definitely a different version of Barbara.

But on the days that I did decided do my typical routine, I felt better and more normal, and it dawned on me that even though I feel discomfort, I can still try to pull myself together. I’ve always had the mentality that on the darkest days to wear the brightest colours, in order to cheer myself (and others) up and I had stopped doing the common sense things that have brought me joy for all these years.

So here I am, 22 weeks pregnant, in 6 inch platforms, cute glasses and a crop top, and finally feeling like myself.


Top: A.L.C, Skirt: Topshop Canada, Frames: Joseph Marc C/O, Shoes: Charlotte Olympia
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Unconventional Colour






We are taught at a young age, that when dressing ourselves there are certain colours that go nicely together, and other that should NEVER be paired for an outfit. Today I’m breaking those silly rules, as I’m wearing the perfect cropped black tank and an amazing pair of navy linen pants. This bruise inspired colour-way, is the number one combination I’ve been told to stay away from with the rhyme, “black and blue should never been seen, unless they’re in the washing machine” always playing in my head. Ensuring that the black is a rich dark black and that the navy has blue and purple qualities will help make sure this tricky coupling will work.

This is a very old way of looking at colour and fashion. I dare you to break some rules, if not daily at least on the weekend, when your fashion choices can be a bit more liberal.

Tank: Zara, Pants: Topshop Canada, Mules: Design Lab by Lord and Taylor, Name Necklace: Jewlr, Glasses: Derek Cardigan by, Earrings: Hortense
Photography by Trevor Negin

Top Line





The 1970s are full force this season, and I’m loving the classic and cool styles coming back into the scene. I found this amazing linen suit while shopping at Topshop and knew I had to have it. I’ve been on the search for a wide-leg striped pant for a while now, and when this one came with a contrasting matching shirt. I had no words.

Linen, during the summer is so unbelievably lovely to wear, as it’s light and allows for your skin to breathe in the heat. It does wrinkle easily (like, if you look at it wrong) but this seems to be more excusable in the heat.

Photography by Trevor Negin
Suit: Topshop Canada, Mules: Design Lab exclusively available at Hudson’s Bay & Lord and Taylor