Momma Mia






As the day that we recognize our mothers for their fabulousness is approaching (tomorrow), Fashion Magazine, reached out to their style panel to discuss the growing trends that are reflective of our mother’s style. Now I must admit, my mom grew up with killer style, but even now, she’s has that effortlessly-chic thing down pat.

Here is what I said about my super-mom. Happy Mother’s Day mom!

Photography by Trevor Negin
Dress: vintage, sandals: Nike from Hudson’s Bay, Glasses: Derek Cardigan from, Necklace: Jewlr,

My Eye Style





What I’ve come to realize, is that glasses can be the one accessory to make a huge impact on how you look. A simple change of the frames can switch up your look from 70’s glam to geek chic.‘s spring 2015 campaign was asking their Look Ambassadors to Bend the Trend, and they make it so easy to stay on top of their eyewear trends, with super cute frames. My trend that I represented was the Full Circle, which I adore, and this look is perfect to reflect the 70’s trend that is all the rage this spring season. My girl, Marie, who is an eyewear designer breaks down the season’s biggest trends right now on ClearlyContact’s blog.

Photography by Trevor Negin
Frames:, Jacket: Topshop Canada (similar and on sale), T-shirt: Tiger of Sweden, Skirt: 424 Fifth available at Hudson’s Bay (similar and on sale), Boots: Jeffrey Campbell


Fashion Resolution : 2015





Fashion Magazine asked their style panel what our fashion resolutions were for 2015, and before picking plan, I looked back at last year’s post to see if I held on to my resolution. The plan was to fall in love with the pieces I purchased and slow down the spending and shopping. Overall, I definitely feel that I’ve invested in basics, that are timeless.

This year, I’ll be moving my dream home that I purchased this past summer with my husband, so moneys will be tied up with saving for the big move. I find that the easiest way to change up your look, quickly and inexpensively is through accessories. Here’s what I told Fashion Magazine.

Photography by Trevor Negin
Jumpsuit: H&M, Necklace; Liana Marie, Earrings: Hortense Jewelry, Frames: Kam Dhillon at, Bracelet: Nektar De Stagni