Fashion Resolution : 2015





Fashion Magazine asked their style panel what our fashion resolutions were for 2015, and before picking plan, I looked back at last year’s post to see if I held on to my resolution. The plan was to fall in love with the pieces I purchased and slow down the spending and shopping. Overall, I definitely feel that I’ve invested in basics, that are timeless.

This year, I’ll be moving my dream home that I purchased this past summer with my husband, so moneys will be tied up with saving for the big move. I find that the easiest way to change up your look, quickly and inexpensively is through accessories. Here’s what I told Fashion Magazine.

Photography by Trevor Negin
Jumpsuit: H&M, Necklace; Liana Marie, Earrings: Hortense Jewelry, Frames: Kam Dhillon at, Bracelet: Nektar De Stagni


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