First Impressions

Dress: Fumblin’ Foe    Shoes: Steve Madden    Necklace: Fallon Fenton

On my first day of my new job, I had just dislocated my toe, so for a fashion girl trying to make a stylish impression, it was pretty heartbreaking. I’ve been wearing a lovely shoe on my left foot (see the blue thing below) for the last few weeks, combined with one of my limited flats. I found this to be a daily struggle, trying to dress in my favourite pieces, and having to slip into, not only this shoe, but flats rather than my heels.

I also thought this was the perfect opportunity to wear my beautiful spiked collar that I’d won from The Coveteur and Fallon Fenton. (I had hoped that the sparkles would distract from the thing on my foot.) It truly is a masterpiece, and I can’t wait to use it to glam and punk up, many of my corporate and girly outfits. Thanks again to the lovely ladies (and Jake) of The Coveteur, keep up the wonderful work!

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