Dress Up Fridays: This outfits crazy – So call me maybe

Shirt: BDG     Pants: Top Shop    Necklace: Forever 21    Belt: H&M   Shoes: Ecote

With the #dislocatedtoeof2012 coming to a mend, I’m am almost back in heels. For a short moments I can manage the discomfort to at least take a few pictures.

So for this week’s Dress Up Fridays (which I can now assume I’ll post on the following days) I decided to dress a little crazy. Contrasting patterns, as I’ve mentioned, has been huge for summer and will continue into the fall as a hot trend, but adding textures to mix. Today I did a little much, but I sort of like it, the stripes and polka dots we know works well. But for a real change I  added  some strong floral patterns in the wedges and with a black and gold floral statement necklace. The end of summer kind of makes me panic, so much to do, so many outfits still to wear, and only a few bright and sunny days left before we all put our jackets back on. Heads up, there may be some more crazy coming, as I feel fall tones down my style a bit, and I’m not quite ready.

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