Sexy Valentine






What is sexy? I often ask myself the same question in terms of clothing. Trying to be sexy usually doesn’t work, as it comes off trying too hard and awkward. Rather the goal is to find a natural look, which you feel great in and allows you to glow with confidence… now that is sexy. There truly isn’t anything sexier than confidence. Well tailored clothing  will allow you to gain that confidence. No matter how you like your clothes; oversized, tight or fitted, it is important that they are cut well so that they flatter your body.

Oh and leopard print. That’s pretty sexy too 😉

This Valentine’s day will be our first as since Trevor (my photographer) and I got married and I’m not too sure of the details but we’ve discussed starting a new tradition. Regardless, I will use any excuse to dress up and celebrate our love! Happy Valentine’s my loves and I hope you all have a lovely and sexy day!

Blazer: T. Babaton, Dress: American Apparel, Shirt: Nexx New York, Boots: Jeffrey Campbell, Necklace: Liana Marie & a gift

Photographer: Trevor Negin



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