Love thy bump




baby-time  the-baby-time

At 21 weeks, my body is has changed drastically from what it was in early spring to where we are now, at the end of summer. My curves have become bumps and these bumps have and will continue to expand over the next 19 weeks, as baby Negin develops into a mini person.

The way that your body changes, during pregnancy, is really a lot to process and as your wardrobe comes smaller and more limited, it’s hard not to feel at times negative about your new body. It took me a while to realize that this body is now serving a different purpose for the first time. It’s no longer about me and my health, but rather about creating this new life in the healthiest way possible.

To help combat the negative feelings I was having, I stored away the clothing that no longer fit me, so each morning it wasn’t staring me in the face, tempting to be tried on. I found that styling the bump, in my current wardrobe, as I haven’t really gone maternity shopping yet, has been very difficult. One trend that I am loving is to show off my curves in tighter fitting dresses and pairing it with layers like blazers (fall’s hottest jacket), kimonos, duster coats and cardigans.




Dress: Lumiere Fashion (old), Blazer: Banana Republic (old), Boots: Zara (old), Eyewear: C/O Clearly, Watch: Daniel Wellington

Sexy Valentine






What is sexy? I often ask myself the same question in terms of clothing. Trying to be sexy usually doesn’t work, as it comes off trying too hard and awkward. Rather the goal is to find a natural look, which you feel great in and allows you to glow with confidence… now that is sexy. There truly isn’t anything sexier than confidence. Well tailored clothing  will allow you to gain that confidence. No matter how you like your clothes; oversized, tight or fitted, it is important that they are cut well so that they flatter your body.

Oh and leopard print. That’s pretty sexy too 😉

This Valentine’s day will be our first as since Trevor (my photographer) and I got married and I’m not too sure of the details but we’ve discussed starting a new tradition. Regardless, I will use any excuse to dress up and celebrate our love! Happy Valentine’s my loves and I hope you all have a lovely and sexy day!

Blazer: T. Babaton, Dress: American Apparel, Shirt: Nexx New York, Boots: Jeffrey Campbell, Necklace: Liana Marie & a gift

Photographer: Trevor Negin



Backpack Kid





Trevor, my husband, for sure thinks I’ve gone mad. I went out shopping in London #eurotrippinwithboo (watch the trip on instagram) and picked up this  snazzy leather backpack.

I was the girl throughout high school and university that lugged around a giant tote. I was working at Roots at the time, so I had their leather yoga tote, which allowed for a yoga mat (or in my case, an art roll) to fit in the front. I have since had zero relationship with backpacks, and often questioned their roll in fashion.

Well, this season, I think he’s right, I’ve gone mad (maybe we all have) but my number one must-get for this Euro trip, was in fact, a leather backpack – ideal for finishing the trip with.  So while adventuring on my own I walked through the markets in Camden Town, I fell head-over-heels in love with this mushroom grey one.

I often feel about 12 years old while wearing it, but this season I will use this youthful accessory to add playfulness and practicality to my style.

Photography by the judgemental husband Trevor Negin

Coat: Sandro Paris, Dress: CÖ by Janine Sudduth, Earrings: Erickson Beamon, Backpack: Camden Town Market, London. , Heels: Pierre Hardy. Polka dot tights: Joe fresh