Hang in there kittens


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year of the snake

Burr it’s cold out. Shooting this past winter has definitely been an experience, most of the pictures we take have my eye spitting out tears from the freezing winter winds. Though I love the F/W season; mainly because of the layering and styling; I’m at the point when I’m praying for an early spring. My closet is tired, fashion week pictures have me craving a shopping spree that I sadly can’t afford yet, and my skin and hair could use some Vitamin D stat.

But hang in there kittens, during this long weekend, take a fresh SPRING look at your closet. Check out the New York Fashion Week pictures available on Fashion Magazine, and look for trends and pieces you already have. How can you pair some patterns in a new way? There are some insane deals right now at the malls, can you plan ahead and pick something up now for next season? Just things to think about for the weekend!

Happy Family Day!

Photography by my love Trevor Negin, Happy Valentine’s Day! <3

Vest: Roots    Shirt/Dress: Wilfred      Maxi dress: Old Navy    Belt: Wilfred      Dessert boots: my mom’s    Layered heart necklaces: gifts

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