I Got It From My Momma







Fashion Magazine asked their style panel this week about their favourite decade to wear. Since I’m a vintage lover, I found that this task was very hard, I sorted through my closet to find some of my favourite pieces, and this dress that was stolen from my mom really stood out. She purchased it during a shopping spree, on a trip to Tel Aviv back in 1977. Growing up with my mom as a nautral beauty and fashion inspiration, I then realized that my favourite items were from closet. Here is what I said to Fashion Magazine.

Some of my favourite things from my mom are:

  1. This Dress
  2. These Earrings
  3. Collar 1 & 2
  4. These Bangles 
  5. This Purse
  6. These Pumps

Photography by Trevor Negin

Dress: Vintage, Earrings: Hortense, Shoes: Zara

#bandtsurprisewedding shot by Brie of Mango Studios

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