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Trevor, my husband, for sure thinks I’ve gone mad. I went out shopping in London #eurotrippinwithboo (watch the trip on instagram) and picked up this  snazzy leather backpack.

I was the girl throughout high school and university that lugged around a giant tote. I was working at Roots at the time, so I had their leather yoga tote, which allowed for a yoga mat (or in my case, an art roll) to fit in the front. I have since had zero relationship with backpacks, and often questioned their roll in fashion.

Well, this season, I think he’s right, I’ve gone mad (maybe we all have) but my number one must-get for this Euro trip, was in fact, a leather backpack – ideal for finishing the trip with.  So while adventuring on my own I walked through the markets in Camden Town, I fell head-over-heels in love with this mushroom grey one.

I often feel about 12 years old while wearing it, but this season I will use this youthful accessory to add playfulness and practicality to my style.

Photography by the judgemental husband Trevor Negin

Coat: Sandro Paris, Dress: CÖ by Janine Sudduth, Earrings: Erickson Beamon, Backpack: Camden Town Market, London. , Heels: Pierre Hardy. Polka dot tights: Joe fresh


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