Hot and Cold






I love spring for so many reasons, the weather gets nicer, flowers start to bloom, we get to bring out our spring/summer clothing out of storage, and put away the bulk sweater. Except you really can’t, because we still get those days that are awfully cold. I feel like i’m at the point in the year when I need all my clothes out and available to me (unfortunately I live in a tiny apartment, so I can really only fit 2 seasons in my clothes at a time).

So it’s time to layer up, and wear this set of clothes one more time before the switch. Try mixing in some of the new pieces you’ve picked up for spring with your fall and winter stuff. This is probably the easiest way to get for the next little bit, depending on how much pre spring shopping you’ve done.

Enjoy the early days of spring and don’t forget a sweater!

Photography by Trevor Negin

Dress: Diane Von Furstenberg Shirt: fiancé’s Tights: American Apparel Socks: Roots  Boots: Seychelles Jacket Talula Babaton

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