Ok, so I’m obsessed with the oversized plaid print. It’s very 90s while being very graphic at the same time. So when I found these pants a few months ago at Urban Outfitters, I grabbed them right away, and then last week I was walking by the men’s section of the same location, and found this sweater. I stared at it for a bit, wondering if I’d actually wear it together. I clearly made a great choice in picking it up, as together this is such a strong look.

Fashion can be scary. Whether it be spending a lot of money on something, trying a new trend, wearing a crazy print, or going vintage shopping for the first time. I will always say go for what scares you (well depends when it comes to $$). If you’re still unsure, have a fashion team, who’s opinions you can actually trust.

For me it’s my best friend, Jordana, and my boyfriend/photographer, Trevor, with  styles completely their own,  they are the ones who dare and challenge me the most to try new things.

Photography by Trevor Negin

Sweater: Hawkings McGill Shirt: Joe Fresh Pants: BDG Boots: Seychelles  Earrings: Swarovski  Necklace: gift

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