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With so many parties throughout the holiday season, and moving forward into the new year, it’s best to be prepared with a few great looks. Planning ahead as mentioned previously, will allow you to refine outfit and give you a chance to customize the look, and makes getting dressed a stress free experience.

Studies have shown that couples, when packing for a trip, planning a party, or getting ready to go out, will fight the most, so save yourself and your loved ones some headaches, and plan ahead. What my girlfriends and I do before the party season starts is have spontaneous styling parties, we will start by showing each other a new piece, and by the end of the night, we’ll have a bunch of new outfits documented on our smart phones.

My memory is sometimes not reliable so I always suggest snapping a picture of a great look you try on.

Fashion Magazine asked the style panel what we’ll be wearing on New Year’s Eve, here’s what I said.

Photography by Trevor Negin

Jumpsuit: Sparkle and Fade Fur Coat: Vintage  Patent Pumps: Vintage  Earrings: Vintage  Purse: The Gap  Bracelets: collection from everywhere


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