Dressed Down

Dressing down, as you can tell, I have mixed feelings about.  But as the season changes we can’t help but to want to warm up and be comfortable.  I worked at Roots selling sweats; and some of the best leathers Canada has; for eight wonderful years of my life, and I can tell you a few things about making comfortable work.

I concept of dressing up casual clothes, is the same as dressing down formal ware (which I do way more often). It may take a few tries, but when you get it styled just right, it creates an awesome look. So next Saturday night in with friends, think of your sweats in a different way, what can you do to make this an outfit.

Read here, as I discuss this with Fashion Magazine’s Style Panel

Photography by Trevor Negin

Sweater: Topshop  Leather jacket: Danier Yoga pants & socks: Roots  Necklace: Vintage Boots: Seychelles

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