Just call me 4 eyes.

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I’ve been wearing glasses since I was 7, but I wasn’t always happy about it. I grew up with a love/hate relationship, but have since embraced this nerdy-chic accessory and with help from Clearly Contacts and Coastal. I really love how you can style your glasses to be a key part of your outfit and add so much character to a simple outfit.

My profile has gone live on their blog, please go check it out!

Photography Trevor Negin
Glasses: Ray-Bans  (similar), Denim Suit: Forever 21, Heels: Jeffrey Campbells from Nordstroms, Necklace: Liana Marie

One thought on “Just call me 4 eyes.

  1. I really caonnt see if you have answered this question yet but how does this hold up in the wash? I am looking into making a glitter shirt for my daughter & myself so that we can cheer on my son’s football team and I want to do this with a stencil. But how does it hold up in washing and will it work on cotton or jersey shirts?

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