Crushing on Cobalt

crushing on cobalt

crushing on cobalt

crushing on cobalt

crushing on cobaltThere is nothing new about cobalt blue. I just think it’s a beautiful colour, and I can’t seem to stop myself from buying it.

I remember there was a time my best friend, Jordana, and I, would wear this hue of blue on our birthdays. Both of us thought that it made our blue eyes bigger, so year after year there was something cobalt blue on one of us. Currently you can see this colour every season, as it pops up in stores and magazines. Hot colours like this are best to get it in classic shapes, a great dress in this colour can become a classic statement piece easily.

Jacket: Vintage London Fog    Dress: CÖ by Janine Sudduth  Shirt: Joe Fresh   Necklace: Fenton Fallon    Hair clips: Banana Republic    Clutch & Shoes: Vintage

photography by Trevor Negin


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