The Caped Crusader





Capes… I never thought I’d wear one as they always odd to me, but when I came across this one by Cole Haan, I’d knew it would become a staple.  Trying it on, I could immediately picture myself wearing it with a number of outfits.

Sometimes you need to step outside of your preconceived opinions on an item of clothing, just like with people, and give everything a fair chance to impress you. Cole Haan always seems to do it right and I’m not sure why I ever questioned capes.

Photography by Trevor Negin

Cape: Cole Haan  Blouse: Old Navy  Pencil Skirt: Chocolate Shoes and Durumi Hair Clips: Banana Republic Pumps: Max Studio

PS sorry for the short & sweet posts – I’ve been swamped with work and the holidays!

Things will get back to normal soon! thanks for your love and support!

Happy Hanukkah!

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