Chills and Bills

Dress: ooyo   Shirt: H&M   Wedges: Kimchi Blue

So we all always can’t be shopping. So an awesome tip to buying classic pieces that will work season after season is colour. It’s super easy to find what you like and what looks good on you, human nature says we will surround ourselves with colours and patterns that compliments our personalities and appearance.  I know I love red, but I look around my house and closet I see my favourite accent pieces in red, but also I have many strong shades of blue and numerous hues of browns and taupes. Like decorating (because style is style regardless of where it is) it’s best to work in colours of three, I like two brights and one neutral.  When shopping and having the options of colour, pick the one that fits you and your closet most rather than trending one (ex: neon).

So when it comes to shopping and keeping the bills at a minimum, purchase classic colours you can wear year after year, your wallet and financial planners will thank you.

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