Winter Walks





In the summer, things seem easier for me. The weather is great and there doesn’t seem to be excuses not to do things.

But when the temperatures drop, excuses are everywhere. From the unbearable temperatures, to the slightest feeling of a cold coming, simple things like walks and social engagements seem to take the back burner for staying in and becoming somewhat of a couch potato.

This year, however, I’m fighting against the urges to stay-in and forcing myself to enjoy the weather and more importantly the season. With the focus of wellness and armed with my super warm parka, I will continue to explore this city that I love no matter the temperatures, as fresh air does the body, mind and soul good.

Parka: Woolrich (old), Sweater: Adidas, Turtleneck: Picadilly, Jeans: Gap, Boots: Free People, Hat: Lack of Color
Photography by 2Boo Studio

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Animal Obsession

Pet Names _ fall weather

Pet Names _ laugh

Pet Names _ headshot

Pet Names _ socks

Pet Names _ fall landscapeToday marks the first sighting of snow for me, and though it didn’t last long, or stay on the ground, the fact that winter is about to hit the city of Toronto, is a frightening thought.

During the winter months, I turn to fashion to keep moods cheerful, both mine and my peers. Sometimes a playful print or bright colour can do magic to change someone’s perspective on an entire day. Animal prints are always on trend, so recently I stole my husband’s dress shirt on an extremely stressful day, which is covered in simple illustrations of Dalmatians. The playful print was the perfect comic relief to what could have been a long and daunting day.

Do you have any prints or colours that you wear to lift your spirits?

Photography by Trevor Negin
coat: Comptoir Des Cotonniers, shirt: Hawkings McGill, skirt: Forever 21, thigh-high socks: gift, platforms: Vagabond, necklace: Fallon Jewellery

Blue Suede Shoes






During the winter months, I often resort to the most practical shoes, ignoring all of the amazing “works of art” that I’ve acquired, as I want to keep them as safe from the snow and salt as possible. We get so much snow here in Toronto, that turns into gross slush that when mixed with salt is like shoe kryptonite. As the season winds down (hopefully) keep your eyes open for more practical shoes that you’ll be able to wear throughout the season. Buying them on sale and taking care of them with the proper shoe care sprays will allow  you to feel more carefree when walking in the snow.

These amazing boots are by the British label Kurt Geiger, which has an amazing sale going on right now!

Photography by Trevor Negin

Jacket: Pins and Needles, Sweater: Banana Republic, Pants: H&M, Boots: Kurt Geiger, Chain, Topshop