Pajama Day

Shirt: Joe Fresh    Pants: Zara    Necklace: Topshop    Eye Mask: La Senza   Shoes: CostaBlancaX

Photography by Trevor Negin

I hope everyone enjoyed their long weekends, and had a great first day back to work, or for those lucky enough to be continuing their education, back to school.  I had so much fun this weekend  and was able to explore the Toronto Island, The Canadian Exhibition, and  Main Street Unionville. Though, waking up for work this morning was a very difficult.  It may have been the rain or the weekend’s activities, but I was definitely not the only person who was tired today.

So when everything is telling you to be sleepy, why not dress for it.  Fashion, this season has given us the “go ahead” to wear pajamas to work, out for dinner, basically anywhere. This lounge wear is so effortless, and is really about layering and comfort.  Made from cottons and silks, pajama pants (with matching tops) can be found everywhere, from Joe Fresh to Topshop. Next time your bed is calling your name at 6 am, put on some silky pants, and feel better knowing that you will likely be the most comfortable person in your office.

Cottage Week Outfit 4 – Summer Exposure

Tank: Lush    Mint Denim Shorts: H&M   Thongs: The Gap   Sunglasses: Kate Spade

Bumming around in the summer is probably one of my favourite parts. The ideas of “less is more” and figuring out if your straps would give you “good tan lines” all brings me back to my teen years.

As I conclude my style at the cottage for this year (I think) I just want to remind you what I often have to remind myself, dress for where you are going.
There is no point in being all dolled up, when everyone is in sweats, fashion is a part of everything I do, but at times, its function becomes equally as important.