Stripped to Stripes

Skirt: American Apparel   Shirt: Silk Vintage   Shoes: Kimchi Blue   Purse: Roots

So it’s happening, the first of my friends got engaged and a huge mazel tov goes out to the lovely couple! So as summer festivities tend to a lot of excited people, in often tight spaces, it’s important to start building a stay-cool summer wardrobe. Opt out of a glam cocktail dress for a change, and try something a loose silk dress. It will keep you cool, and a classic piece can be worn year after year, as this is just the beginning of a lot of engagement (and outfits!).

Mazel Tov to Michael Rozenwald & Jordana Zelsman

Oh and I do have two vintage silk shirts that are basically the same .
(love vertical silk stripes)

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