Stay Cool My Friends

Top: Vintage  Shorts: Levis   Shoes: Browns   Purse: Roots

Stating that it’s hot out, would be an understatement. I chose a mall for a shopping adventure rather than the streets of Toronto (a mistake every time) just to stay out of the unbearable heat. My tips for staying cool during these summer days are: we know that  layers are usually your friend, on days when less is more pick one great piece, in a natural fiber preferably (linens, silks, and cottons will keep your skin breathing). A summer dress in a light colour is basically perfect. Beauty Tips: waterproof makeup is your friend, a little bit of sun goes a long way for clearing your skin of any imperfections, and SPF! SPF! SPF! SPF! We aren’t even aware of the damage the sun will have on our skin as its effects get stronger!

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